Interrupted by “Jessuu”

Yesterday was a day to get things done.

Lacey was working…which means i had Finley all day. So my plan was to get her to school by 8, go for a quick run, and swing by the house for a shower before my first meeting at 9. it was a good plan and was one I felt was me making the best use of my morning, but God had other ideas.

it amazes me how well the Father knows us and our need to be slowed down from time to time.

in the midst of the hustle and bustle of getting a 17 month old ready and out the door when all she really wanted to do was run around the house in a diaper, I finally had her cornered in her room to get dressed for the day. forgetting one thing in the kitchen, i ran out of her room for a split second, and before i could turn around, here comes Finley, ever so quietly out of her room holding her Jesus Storybook Bible.

She looked at me, held up the book, and in her not so great, yet perfect English, she said, “Jessuu? Jessuu?”

Run? nope. 

the option was clear: a) tell her later little girl, we have to get you to school on time so I can do a-b&c this morning or b) stop everything and say yes to Finley and to God in that moment.

We sat down in the kitchen and read about Jessuu inviting himself in to Zaccheus’ home. Some times, and I’m so thankful for them, the Holy Spirit simply whispers, i’m coming over. be ready. can we sit and talk together? Of all the things I had to do yesterday, none of them mattered in that precious moment. nothing mattered but Finley wanting to read a book about a man who changed everything.

Having read many Bible stories to Finley, by far the most amazing to date was yesterday, alone with her in the kitchen, reading about a man she doesn’t really know yet, but blown away that I was given the privilege to say, “yes little girl, we can talk about Jessuu.”

Jesus Finley mind blown thankful

One more for Father’s Day. I swear this kid knows exactly how to make a man smile

When I dreamed of being a Papa, I never imagined that God would bless me in such an incredible way with this amazing little girl. #proudpapa

Excited to have finally planted the first of what I hope becomes many raised beds in our yard #growfood

Firing this behemoth up for free dinner tonight at Cornerstone College.

Firing this behemoth up for free dinner tonight at Cornerstone College.